TrustFi Staking is in partnership with Ferrum Network, you can stake $TFI or LP tokens to earn more $TFI and get other occasional airdrops from the TrustFi ecosystem to staking addresses as rewards. Here is the standard process of Staking and Un-Staking:

1- Go to the chosen staking dashboard( or and connect your wallet with your LP or $TFI Tokens.
2- Click Stake, and enter your amount of tokens you want to stake.
3- You pay the gas fees for the transaction and wait for the early withdraw or maturity to Un-Stake.

1- Go to the dashboard you…


TrustFi successfully listed dual IDOs on BscStation and TrustPad on June 7th, and then listed $TFI on PancakeSwap and BscStation Swap. The followings are the trading addresses:

🎂Trade on PancakeSwap:

⚖️ Trading Pair: TFI-BNB

🥞Trade on Bsc Station Swap:

⚖️ Trading Pair: TFI-BUSD

📈 Dextools:

🦎$TFI has been listed on CoinGecko:

TrustFi has completed TGE, token audit, and token distribution for private investors. Now TrustFi team has locked the LP token on PancakeSwap and the team’s token. The links are as follows:

💵$TFI tokenomics:

📚Audit to $TFI token contract by Certik:

Dual IDO of TrustFi on BscStation and TrustPad is very successful and smooth. Thanks a lot for the support of communities and ecosysterm partners❤.

$TFI will be listed on PancakeSwap at around 17:30 UTC and the Contract Address will be shared in the official channel as well as website.

Trade on PancakeSwap:

PancakeSwap Dextools:

BscStation and TrustPad will help to claim $TFI tokens of IDO participants and winners at 18:00 UTC.

As for seed and private investors of TrustFi, Some of the investors has got the confirmation email but some hasn’t. …

TrustFi is going to list dual IDOs on BscStation and TrustPad at 16:00 UTC today, then $TFI will be listied on PancakeSwap at 17:30 UTC. The Correct Token Contract Address will be announced in Official channel and website. Beware of scammers.

Supportors and investors will get $TFI tokens around 30 min-60 min after listing on PancakeSwap. No rush. You will see what’s going on this season.

Here are10 reasons why we are optimistic about $TFI:

  1. Initial market valuation is only 440k, Seriously Underestimated.
  2. As an early-stage project, 43K+followers on TT, 36K+members in TG group, Grow Fast!
  3. Reliable team with 5…

Since the announcement of IDO, TrustFi has received many supports from communities, influencers and VCs. We are very grateful. TrustFi will list dual IDO on BscStation and TrustPad on June 7th. In response to several issues of concern, important announcements are as follows:

Timeline of IDO on June 7th

- 16:00: IDO starts. $TFI contract address announced. Beware of scams.

- 17:30: Listing and Liquidity Pool created. Link will be shared to communities and channels. Beware of scams.

- 18:00: IDO contributors can claim their tokens from the launchpad.

In order to push the listing process, TGE has to be…

⚡️ How to participate in the upcoming TrustFi IDO on TrustPad & BSCStation , June 7th 🚀

❇️ Total supply: 100,000,000 $TFI
❇️ Initial market cap: $400,000
❇️ Tokens available for public sales (IDO): 1,250,000 $TFI for each platform
❇️ Price per $TFI: $0.08
❇️ Total Raise on each Launchpad: $100,000
❇️ Swap currency: $BUSD

🔥Details for BscStation IDO👇

✅ Staking Eligibility for IDO allocation Deadline: 8AM UTC, June 06th
✅ BSCS Round (Guaranteed Round) JOIN POOL Opens: 7AM UTC, June 07th
✅ BSCS Round (Guaranteed Round) JOIN POOL Closes: 2PM UTC, June 07th
✅ Community Round (FCFS Round) JOIN POOL Opens…

TrustFi Team is going to participate in Blockchain Hackathon @SEA Finalist Demo at 14:00 UTC+8, on 30th of May. We appreciate that you might like to vote for TrustFi and win Airdrop of NFTs. The process is as follows:

1.Link your metamask in this website:

2.Find BSC and add it in metamask.

(This article is reproduced to bscstaion)

We are glad to announce that TrustFi will IDO on BSC Station Launchpad early in June. BSC Station is excited to bring this innovative project to our community, providing $BSCS holders with the latest information on investment opportunities for the TrustFi project.

Launching on BSCStation Launchpad gives TrustFi access to valuable resources, and community reach to jump-start the roll-out of their products. BSC Station is excited to bring this innovative project to our community, allowing BSCS holders to be an early part of the future of finance.

TrustFi Network is committed to provide decentralized…

Date :- 26 April , At 11 am UTC

Hosted by : Sherlin
Speaker : Simon Lau

Sherlin :
Good afternoon everyone , I am pleasured to have TrustFi Network team to join our AMA today.

Simon Lau :
Glad to be here and share our project TrustFi to all of you

Sherlin :
Hello @simonlau02 So nice to have you with us for AMA Session today.

Sherlin :
Shall we start AMA?

Simon Lau :
Yes please

Sherlin :
Let’s start with some introduction Questions

Sherlin :
And Please type done after completion of an answer

Simon Lau …

TrustFi is thrilled to announce the strategic cooperation with CloudWallet which is used by more than 500,000 crypto users all over the world.

CloudWallet will integrate TrustFi Alpha after the auction protocol officially launched, which is expected to spend about two weeks.The users of Cloud Wallet will be very convenient to use TrustFi applications then.

About CloudWallet:

CloudWallet is a digital asset management tool developed by Wuhan Cloud Chain Technology Team, which integrates digital currency storage, decentralization, multi-public chain, DEX exchange, DApp market and converging exchange.

CloudWallet can realize multi-chain storage, multi-chain switching, and provide a variety of asset exchange…

TrustFi Network

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