Announcement of TrustFi Launchpad’s New Tier System

  • ⭐️ Starfish: +5,000 $TFI, 1x of Guaranteed Allocation.
    🐙 Jellyfish: +15,000 $TFI, 4x of Guaranteed Allocation.
    🐬 Dolphin: +25,000 $TFI, 7x of Guaranteed Allocation.
    🐳 Whale: +50,000 $TFI, 15x of Guaranteed Allocation.
  • 1x*(t1)+4x*(t2)+7x*(t3)+15x*(t4)=total allocation.
  • Only Dolphin and Whale can participate in Flash IDOs.
  • Stake your tokens in the upcoming New Tier Pools with 20% fee for unstaking within 7 days.



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