How to set up your Sollet Wallet

Step 1. Generate seed words

The “Create New Wallet” page is your first landing page. You’ll be provided with a 24-word mnemonic seed. SAVE THESE WORDS PRIVATELY. The best way would be to write it down instead of taking a screenshot electronically. Be aware that NO one would be able to recover any coins and tokens if you lose the seed word.

Once you follow the instruction and saved the seed words safely, tick the box to confirm that “I have saved these words in a safe place”. Download the backup mnemonic file, and proceed with the “Continue” button.

Step 2. Input the seed words and “Continue”

Step 3. Set up the passwords here and click on “create wallet”

Although the password is optional, it provides a better user experience with Sollet. Remember, the seed phrase is still the ultimate key when you restore the wallet.

Now your Sollet wallet is ready! The next few steps will guide you through how to obtain the SOL (of course, if you plan to do so :)

Step 4. How to obtain SOL: in 3 ways

  1. For $SOL holders, transfer $SOL from other wallet address

2. For $USD holders, trade from FTX Exchange

how to use FTX:

3. For token holders, Swap from Bonfida DEX (support for Sollet wallet)

Here take SRM/SOL as an example

Step 5. Add another token to your Sollet wallet. (For quick learner)

Take $USDC as an example. Click the “+” button to see the drop-down list.

Select $USDC and click on ‘‘ADD’’ on the right side.


Tips: Every token comes with a corresponding address. This address can be used for future transactions for the specific token on Solana network.


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