Seriously, Why Holding $TFI?

TrustFi is going to list dual IDOs on BscStation and TrustPad at 16:00 UTC today, then $TFI will be listied on PancakeSwap at 17:30 UTC. The Correct Token Contract Address will be announced in Official channel and website. Beware of scammers.

Supportors and investors will get $TFI tokens around 30 min-60 min after listing on PancakeSwap. No rush. You will see what’s going on this season.

Here are10 reasons why we are optimistic about $TFI:

  1. Initial market valuation is only 440k, Seriously Underestimated.
  2. As an early-stage project, 43K+followers on TT, 36K+members in TG group, Grow Fast!
  3. Reliable team with 5 members and energetic operation group, they are hardworking and never slack.
  4. Powerful backers and influencers, like X21 Digital, AU21 Capital, Ash WSB, Money King etc., not only shilling but technology partners, all hold $TFI.
  5. As the only native token of TrustFi, $TFI could benefit from TrustFi BaaS Ecosystem, Such as dividends, buybacks and use discounts, etc..
  6. Launch TrustFi Staking Platform Beta named “TFI More” next week after audit by certik (needs to stake $TFI).
  7. The original S-IDO( Self-IDO) will be launched soon, then everyone could list its own IDO in TrustFi, to ignite the vitality of the communities (needs to stake $TFI).
  8. Hold $TFI to become LP(Limited Partners) of “TrustFi Ventures” and earn bonus.
  9. DeFi+NFT+DAO, Keep innovating and surprise in order to add value to $TFI.
  10. In the process of global consensus and awareness, there are TrustFi Arabic community, Vietnamese community and Korean community, etc.


⭐️ What’s TrustFi:
TrustFi Network is committed to provide decentralized BaaS solutions for DeFi market based on multichain environment, focusing on early crypto assets issuance, liquidity management, community activities and DAO governance.

⭐️ Backers onboard:
AU21 capital, X21 digital, GD10 Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, Gains Associates, JRR group, Fairum Ventures, Pluto Digital Assets, Regain Ventures, AVstar Capital, Space Capital,, KoinSaati, Trader Square Fintech, ZCRYPTOMAGIC, Ferrum Network, Bepro Network, etc.

⭐️ Basic Metrics
Ticker: TFI
Blockchain Network: BSC
Token Supply: 100M
IDO announcement:

⭐️ Follow us:
All details and LitePaper:

⭐️ Addition:
·TrustFi IDO Protocol code audit report supported by certik
·BSC Grant at Hackerlink:
·Recorded by Polkaproject: