Strategic Partnership: TrustFi x Project Galaxy

  • TrustFi has opened its NFT space with Project Galaxy tech
  • TrustFi will launch its Initial NFT Offering (INO) on the TrustFi Space of Project Galaxy in near future (
  • These NFTs will provide holders incredible benefits and bonuses on TrustFi Products. 🔔Stay tuned for details!🔔
  • Mutual DeFi spaces will allow both teams to share resources, opportunities, and marketing capabilities!

About Project Galaxy

  • A Data Network of On-chain Credentials
    Project Galaxy provides a permission-less network of on-chain credential data curated by developers. By contributing to Galaxy’s Credential Data Network, curators are rewarded when credentials are used in Galaxy NFT infrastructure and Credential Oracle Engine.
  • An NFT Infrastructure with Hosted Spaces
    Project Galaxy built an NFT-as-a-Service infrastructure that empowers credentials. Build customized campaigns with plug & play modules to issue credential-based NFTs achieving all types of objectives. These NFT campaigns can be held in a variety of formats (mystery box, forging, etc.)
  • An Oracle Engine that Connects Credentials
    In the future, Project Galaxy will provide an oracle engine that provides credential data for blockchain protocols. Utilizing Galaxy Oracle Engine, other blockchain protocols can take different set of credential data and use it as a tool for growth hacking, credit score, and more

About TrustFi



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