TrustFi & PlayPad Announce A Strategic Partnership

At TrustFi, we strive to align ourselves with companies that believe in our goal of helping projects achieve sustainable growth through liquidity management of on-chain assets. As such, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with PlayPad— Multi-Chain Supported,Unique Tier Allocation And Fully Decentralized launchpad protocol in Metaverse.

TrustFi is committed to building a decentralized platform that links DeFi community governors, investors, startups, and launchpads operators, across multiple networks such as Binance, Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche, and others. The partnership will focus on cross-marketing in both communities, and co-incubate and co-launch excellent IDOs. TrustFi and PlayPad will use their respective technological advantages to bring more valuable startups and projects to users.

About PlayPad

PlayPad is the first IGO platform for VR Gaming & Play2Earn projects in metaverse, multi chain supported, and fully decentralized. PlayPad supports unique tier allocation.

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About TrustFi

TrustFi disrupts the DeFi market by providing a multi-chain decentralized BaaS solution. Our ecosystem features three main products which include TrustFi Alpha, an IDO General Protocol; TrustFi Beta, a Decentralized Staking Contract; and Providing Liquidity Mining model (PLM), an important addition to DeFi infrastructure built on Web3. Our main focus is early crypto-asset issuance, with emphasis on liquidity management, community growth, and DAO governance. We are certain that these three factors will allow us to successfully unlock the unlimited potential DeFi has.

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#DeFi Market BaaS Solutions | Community driven incubator for crypto startups | Live on: #ETH #BSC #AVAX #Polygon #DOT #SOL

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#DeFi Market BaaS Solutions | Community driven incubator for crypto startups | Live on: #ETH #BSC #AVAX #Polygon #DOT #SOL

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