TrustFi Staking Tutorials.

TrustFi Staking is in partnership with Ferrum Network, you can stake $TFI or LP tokens to earn more $TFI and get other occasional airdrops from the TrustFi ecosystem to staking addresses as rewards. Here is the standard process of Staking and Un-Staking:

1- Go to the chosen staking dashboard( or and connect your wallet with your LP or $TFI Tokens.
2- Click Stake, and enter your amount of tokens you want to stake.
3- You pay the gas fees for the transaction and wait for the early withdraw or maturity to Un-Stake.

1- Go to the dashboard you contribute with same wallet address.
2- Click Un-stake and enter the amount you want to Un-stake (Do not include the rewards).
3- You pay the gas fees and you will receive your contributed tokens + the rewards based on the amount you Un-Stake.

The staking process will be described in detail below.

1)Enter TrustFi Staking Dashboard.
There are two ways to visit TrustFi Staking dashboard website:
A. Directly enter: If you find the page you visit is “TFI More”, you need to delete cache and visit it again.
B. Visit official web: Click “LAUNCH APP” button, and then you will enter the staking page.
TrustFi Staking dashboard page is as below.

TrustFi Staking Dashboard Page

2)Choose the staking pool types.

How to Get $TFI?
If you didn’t hold $TFI, you could click “Add Liquidity on PancakeSwap” button to buy some $TFI. The Correct $TFI Token Contract Address is 0x7565ab68D3F9DaDff127F864103C8c706Cf28235.
You can also trade on PancakeSwap:

How to Get LP tokens?
If you want to stake LP tokens, you need to provide liquidity of TFI/BNB pair on PancakeSwap to get LP first. The Guide for getting LP is here:

Choose the staking pools which you need and click “STAKE” button. Take staking TFI as an example below.

3)Connect your Wallet on BSC.

Recommend to use MetaMask wallet.

After the connection is successful, your wallet address will automatically appear. Click “Stake Now”.

4)Confirm the amount of your $TFI to stake.

Tips: The number you enter cannot contain commas, otherwise an error will be displayed. Click “Submit stake” to continue.

5)Confirm the transaction on your MetaMask wallet.
Make sure that you have some $BNB as gas fees in your wallet.

6)Staking Succeed.

You can check the Transaction ID. The process of staking LP is similar.

Explanation on the calculation rules of staking rewards:

Here is the formula for the calculation of rewards:

For Liquidity Pools(LP):
(Maturity Period in days / 365) * (% APY at Maturity / 100) * (CAP Filled) * (Pegged Price)
Pegged Price = (Total Value Locked in $ / Total Supply) / Native Coin Value in $

For Traditional Pools(TFI):
(Maturity Period in days / 365) * (% APY at Maturity / 100) * (CAP Filled)

Here is some examples to make you understand it better:

For Staking TFI Pool, Let say a user stake 10000 $TFI, this will be his reward:
At Early Withdraw-> (45 / 365) * (25 / 100) * (10000) = 308 TFI
At Maturity-> (90 / 365) * (60 / 100) * (10000) = 1,479 TFI

Also, if some users use the Early Withdraw, the rest of the amount they should have received at Maturity will be re-distribute to the other users that wait at Maturity.
In the example above, 1,479–308 = 1,171 TFI to be re-distribute to others.

For Staking LP Pool, it can be calculated at the end of contribution but the calculation is quite similar.

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#DeFi Market BaaS Solutions | Community driven incubator for crypto startups | Live on: #ETH #BSC #AVAX #Polygon #DOT #SOL

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