TrustFi Weekly Report: Jan 3 — Jan 9

4 min readJan 10, 2022

Main Events of Last Week

  • 1) Two new Flash IDOs were announced! Are you hyped? 💪We’ve joined forces with 2 of the promising GameFi projects through Strategic Partnership and Investment.

Monster of God (Mogwar): January 14th, Friday
Fight of the Ages (FOTA): January 25th, Tuesday

5,000 $TFI — Fish (30% Pool Size, Guaranteed Allocation)
25,000 $TFI — Dolphin (60% Pool Size, Guaranteed Allocation)
100,000 $TFI — Whale (10% Pool Size, Guaranteed Allocation)

New Metaverse Pools APR snapshot (Jan 10, 9:00 AM UTC)

Community’s Choice
#1: PolkaCity $POLC
(+66% assured APR)
#2: Monsta Infinite $MONI (+33% assured APR)
#3: Age of God $AOG (+33% assured APR)
+1,000,000 $TFI was staked in our high yield Metaverse pools
🚀You can still stake your $TFI in the pools to earn the rewards (

  • 6) TrustFi Loyalty Ranking List Page was officially launched for the Top 500, the data is updated every block:
  • 7) $TFI asset is added in Trust Wallet! You can now browse your $TFI tokens in Trust Wallet with full features.

Plans for the upcoming Weeks (Expected Dates)

  • TrustFi Booster official launch (January 14th, Friday)
  • Mogwar Flash IDO (Jan 14th) & Fota Flash IDO (Jan 25th)
  • TrustFi Farmer official launch & Certik Audit Report for Automated Farm Pools (January 18th, Tuesday)
  • TrustFi Launchpad official launch (TBA)
  • TrustFi NFT to be revealed! (TBA)
  • TrustFi will announce intended usage and information on all token addresses under the control of our team for transparency
  • New airdrop campaigns, Stay Tuned for Surprises 🔥🔥
  • New Partnership and Collaboration announcements with prominent teams and projects.

To learn more about TrustFi Network’s plans for 2022, as well as our 2021 accomplishments; have a look at our 👉2021 Annual Report.👈

See you again after another fruitful week for all TrustFi Family!

About TrustFi

TrustFi disrupts the DeFi market by providing a multi-chain decentralized BaaS solution. Our ecosystem features three main products which include TrustFi Booster, a Decentralized Community Driven Incubator; TrustFi LaunchPad, an IDO General Protocol with an insured mechanism; and TrustFi Farmer, an Automated Farm Pools (AFP) Contract, which is an important addition to the DeFi infrastructure built on Web 3.0. Our main focus is early crypto-asset issuance, with emphasis on liquidity management, community growth, and DAO governance. We are certain that these three factors will allow us to successfully unlock the unlimited potential DeFi has.

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