TrustFi x Mogwar Flash IDO & Partnership Announcement

2 min readJan 10, 2022

Dear community, we are proud to announce TrustFi’s investment in and partnership with “Monster of God” (Mogwar), an NFT strategy game combining Idle RPG specials and Autobattler. This is a F2E game project, meaning players can participate in P2E (play-to-earn) mechanics with zero entry barrier, i.e. it is completely free to start playing and earning!

TrustFi focuses on the infrastructure construction of Metaverse, and keeps growing both its community and its reach with promising GameFi startups and builders. As such, we are glad to introduce Mogwar Flash IDO to all of you.

Flash IDO Date: January 14th
Snapshot Date: January 13th
IDO Price: $0.004
IDO Pool Size:

👉Buy and Stake at least 5,000 $TFI before snapshot date to participate!
👉Join our Gleam competition for a chance to win Mogwar IDO Allocation:

About Monster of War (Mogwar)

Monster Of God is a strategy game combining Idle RPG specials and Autobattler. It is connected with blockchain technology, in which players can earn Monster Soul Potion (MSP) through PvP/PvE battles among Monsters and collect MONX coins through in-game tournament rewards. Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to anyone. ‌ There is no investment barriers to entry in Monster Of God. Monster Of God is completely free to play and you really play to earn. In-game NFTs are used for building characters, items and architecting Metaverse. Monster Of God allows players to collect Monster Soul Potion (MSP) coins and trade NFT monsters.

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About TrustFi

TrustFi disrupts the DeFi market by providing a multi-chain decentralized BaaS solution. Our ecosystem features three main products which include TrustFi Alpha, an IDO General Protocol; TrustFi Beta, a Decentralized Staking Contract; and Providing Liquidity Mining model (PLM), an important addition to DeFi infrastructure built on Web3. Our main focus is early crypto-asset issuance, with emphasis on liquidity management, community growth, and DAO governance. We are certain that these three factors will allow us to successfully unlock the unlimited potential DeFi has.

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