Vote for TrustFi and Support Blockchain Hackathon @SEA Finalist Demo: Go TrustFi

TrustFi Team is going to participate in Blockchain Hackathon @SEA Finalist Demo at 14:00 UTC+8, on 30th of May. We appreciate that you might like to vote for TrustFi and win Airdrop of NFTs. The process is as follows:

1.Link your metamask in this website:

2.Find BSC and add it in metamask.

3.Make sure that you have some $BNB and $USDC in your metamask wallet.

4.Visit the vote website:

5.Vote for TrustFi Network and it will cost you $0.1USDC.

6.Wait for the NFT airdrop. We will track your vote address and send NFT next month.

We are going to launch Staking Contract and NFT Mint Demo next week. You guys would love the NFT Mint and use it to get more benefits from TrustFi BaaS Ecosystem and have fun.


🔹Total Reward: 1,000 USDC and NFTs

🔹The vote on website will take you $0.1USDC and few $BNB as gas fee.

🔹Deadline: The campaign will end at 8pm UTC+8 on May 30

🔹Then random 1000 participants among all participants will get 1 USDC for each one address.

🔹All participants will get airdrop of NFT and it could be sold by market or used in TrsutFi BaaS.

🔹Fill the form and you will get the reward before 20th of June:


⭐️ What’s TrustFi:
TrustFi Network is committed to provide decentralized BaaS solutions for DeFi market based on multichain environment, focusing on early crypto assets issuance, liquidity management, community activities and DAO governance.

⭐️ Backers onboard:
AU21 capital, X21 digital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Gains Associates, JRR group, Fairum Ventures, Pluto Digital Assets, Regain Ventures, AVstar Capital, Space Capital,, KoinSaati, Trader Square Fintech, ZCRYPTOMAGIC, Ferrum Network, Bepro Network, etc.

⭐️ Basic Metrics
Ticker: TFI
Blockchain Network: BSC
Token Supply: 100M
IDO announcement:

⭐️ Follow us:
All details and LitePaper:

⭐️ Addition:
·TrustFi IDO Protocol code audit report supported by certik
·BSC Grant at Hackerlink:
·Recorded by Polkaproject:

#DeFi Market BaaS Solutions | Community driven incubator for crypto startups | Live on: #ETH #BSC #DOT